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TIG Brush TBE-250 Weld Cleaner

TBE - 250

The TIG Brush TBE-250 is the iconic pioneer of brush technology in the weld cleaning world. It's now the entry level model, but it's the stalwart best seller and if a firm favourite, which has often been copied but NEVER matched. It's a robust design means it can take on most factory situations.

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TIG Brush TBE-550 Weld Cleaner

TBE - 550

The TIG Brush TBE-550 is the very latest development along with the all new Propel Torch, these are a perfect duo of unparalleled power and performance. It is ideal for more demanding factory and site work where bigger welds on large fabrications need cleaning quickly and economically.

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TIG Brush TBE-700 Weld Cleaner

TBE - 700

The TIG Brush TBE-700 is the big thumper – the muscle of the pack. It's high power and performance attributes make this the perfect choice for heavy MIG weld cleaning on large, thick walled fabrications, and where larges areas need to be re-passivated.

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